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Day by Day #51: Your Career Future

I read "So Good They Can't Ignore You" by Cal Newport yesterday. And I learned that you should not follow your passion. You should follow your skill. If you are asking yourself what you should do with your life, do not go to your hobbies for answers. Go to your family and friends. Ask them, "What am I good at?" Whatever they say, take it to heart. Then, work at it. Work so hard, that you have something valuable and rare to offer. Enthusiasm is not special. It is special, however, to know where you stand and to work at getting better.

Perhaps more importantly, know your mission. Why do you want to be a master? Is it for glory or for the church? Your mission could be very specific. So, specify. Youth start at the mouth of a wide river. But, the wise retire in the small village at the end of the river. They end in a specific place and that is where there influence spreads.

You cannot change the world, but you can change the textile industry in the Midwest. Are you good?

And when you are good, that is when you are the most happy. Happiness is where purpose and skill collide. I don't know.

Know your skills, then become so good that they cannot ignore you. And so good, you cannot help but smiling whenever you think about it.

If you like to write, do not plateau. Experiment, trim, edit, and innovate. Do not be afraid to fail - Lord knows how many times I have failed. Do not forget to read.

That is all I wanted to share for today.


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