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Day by Day #59

I am not a very good person. But, that is not very interesting. None of us are very good. That is not okay. Usually when people get confessional, I hope and pray that their declaration of perversity is the beginning, not the end. Okay, so you are not a good person. Now what? I finished a story recently called "Fly, Timmy, Fly!" I like it a lot. It's about this boy who discovers that his parents are not what they seem to be.

Unfortunately, I started the story thinking that this was a very original thought. Then I remembered that it is not that original at all. What a shame.

The only original part in it is when he flies away in a spaceship listening to Fleetwood Mac. I like that part.

Wouldn't it be cool if everyone wrote? I don't like to put that obligation on the human race but I am tempted to. At the very least, keep a journal. Won't you?

Teen angst is not that interesting, although I usually fall into it (and other various youthful traps). But if everyone kept a journal - whether it was online or they shared it - I'd imagine a lot of psychological patterns would be charted.

And if there was little similarity, it would be interesting to see all of the different conclusions people come to. Like, why do some people worry so much about grades and others don't mind at all to get C's? There is the mindset of wanting to get A's. Then there is the mindset of not wanting to fail.

I don't struggle with either. I struggle with something different. I am primarily interested in collecting new ideas and concepts. And when that is done, I feel like a success. But the problem for me is, the rest of the world sees that as only surface learning. Even though the ideas might entirely change how I think (some call it enlightenment), the teacher and the classmate don't know it until the "work" has been done.

So there I am. And I have to do my work. I put the cart before the horse. If only I got the intellectual satisfaction of the ideas after my work is completed, that would be bliss.

Thanks for the weeds, Adam.

By the way, when are e-books going to have sound effects? And videos? And color? I wonder if there will ever be a day when there is a medium that engages all of our senses. That would be world-changing.

Of course, if you are the intellectual, you could say, "But wait! There already is that! It's called the book!" Yeah, yeah, I know that books can transport you to other places. But describing smell and describing sound is not the same as smell and sound.

I would like to tentatively experiment with this. Maybe I will post a story, but also post an audio recording of homemade sound effects. Or, maybe I will read it out loud? It would be quite silly.


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