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This is a very small thought. Keeping thoughts minimal creates more possibilities, I think. It took me a long time to figure out that video games are only fun when you miss content. Some people try to experience everything the game has to offer. They want to be the highest level, to go into every dungeon, to get "all" the money, to complete all the quests, to marry all the wives and buy all the homes. And they want to do all this on the highest difficulty level.

While that might be fun, it reduces the video game to a game. A video game tries to establish a reality for you to experience. A video game would like to be more video than game.

I liked to make "super" characters. If any CPU was grateful for something, they were grateful t0 me. I would spend hours on a quest that was designed to be thirty or so minutes long.

In pursuit of this ubermensch, my playing became more obsessive than enjoyable. The video games were boring, but I kept playing.

You should miss some things in your life. Live unintentionally. Do not make a bucket list. Talk too much and meet too many people. Let people into your life who serve no practical purpose to your career. Let your curiosity take you places instead of your lists. Do not try to conquer life, because death will conquer you at some point. Do not be conservative. Live liberally.

I prefer this lifestyle over hedonism. Hedonism, the pursuit of maximum indulgence and pleasure, has its lists. Its goal is to max out on the pleasures of a sensual world, so it makes plans and conserves its resources to get the most out of things that are only meant to offer temporary pleasure.

It is the person who lives unintentionally, who misses things and keeps going, that maxes out on temporary and unintentional pleasures.




I Am Joining All My Thoughts To You, Father