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When Lucifer and his brothers rebelled, they were sent to the law offices of Hell. There, they are chained to desks to file reports for God until the Second Coming of Christ, where they are unchained and receive the same punishments they incur on humans whose reports end in the favor of the Dragon. In the structure of the Cosmos, Hell is the only place where God uses slave labor. As fallen angels, their duty is still to be the tools of God's will, to carry out what he has planned through predestination. The only difference between fallen angels and loyal angels, is that fallen angels continue to do the will of God against their own will, while loyal angels have done the will of God and are now retired from their duties.

Fallen angels are the only beings who experience the inescapability of predestination without the pursuit of desire which free will is. Of all beings, they are the most to be pitied. And of all beings, they are the most depraved, weak, blind, petty, shrill, and pitiless.

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