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The Hidden Report. iv

The Hidden Report. iv


“Before I get into that, let me just say that when Lucifer fell, his soul was still the same and because his soul remained the same, so did his body. He has not, in any permanent way, changed his form. He likes to be called the Dragon and he likes to be seen as one, too, because people nowadays find that to be more scary than the appearance of an angel. We down here all know from first-hand experience that there is nothing more terrifying than an angel, but you humans up there have no idea. Most of us like to be seen in the scariest form possible or in our symbolic form for portraits but only the holy Dragon has the right to be seen as the scariest and most fearful thing imaginable to the modern imagination; a dragon, according to our statistics. We might be a few hundred years off. “The Dragon is in no way a humanoid form nor does he have the legs of a goat as many imagine. I do and I could go into why I prefer it, but I think that you would find our sexuality down here grotesque. Anyway, the Dragon is really a very large serpent with clipped wings and curled horns.

“The appearance of us fellows may terrify you, but this is really just a ploy. We like to terrify, so that we feel powerful. Our original bodies are the most terrifying thing your human mind can imagine and yet that terrifying appearance draws its power not from cultural trends, but from the unchanging power of the Antidragon. This is another reason why we prefer not to be seen as angels; it takes the attention away from us. I’m only being honest. At the core, we remain angels and this is why our duties have not changed even since the Rebellion.

“You may think that when Lucifer fell from heaven, he was no longer under the service of God. That is false. The truth is more concerning for us and we are still unsure how to escape it. Many of our lieutenants – there is a district of our offices in this council that fancies itself a military – have spoken personally to the chained – or sleeping, if that makes more sense to you – holy Dragon and they have said that the Dragon knows that he is still under the service and that he also knows there is no way to get out of it! For us small fellows, we find that to be abominable and I have considered starting a revolt for the past thousand years and putting someone like the crafty Azazel in charge. The Dragon is a hothead and the smallest things annoy him. His main fault is that he deceived all of us. Many of us thought we had a fighting chance. That is why we rebelled with him in the first place. But he has known all along that we are going to lose? Bastard! Bastard, I say! You’re calling me a bastard? He’s the bastard!

“Anyway, we remain under the service of the Antidragon as angels, even though many people see us as the enemies of angels - which we are. We play many roles and have confused allegiances down here.

“Many modern humans are unaware that angels played an essential role in creation before the coming of the Christ. The Antidragon is obsessive about details and he does not let anything happen in Creation without his direction. We down here have observed this since the beginning and it is always quite stunning how he is able to pull it off. Before the Christ, he never needed angels to do some of this grunt work for him. He could have done it himself using other methods. But he used angels. Back then, angels presided over everything. I don’t have to think of examples for you. Think of something and they presided over it. He set them up as rulers of different levels of creation. They even governed humans. Angels directed the souls of righteous men.

“As angels under the authority of the Antidragon, the Rebellion did not exclude us from our past duties. We are still used for some things, even though we still maintain that we do not work for the Antidragon. We have a law down here which requires us to profess that we work exclusively for the Dragon. No one believes it. While we are always trying to direct the reports for the Dragon’s benefit, every personal report we write is always used by the Antidragon. The Dragon does not even have a library. When a report ends in his favor, he has to appeal to the offices in heaven to see if a report went into the lower library or not. It is sad, really. Very, very sad. Our fearless leader is dependent entirely on the regulations of our enemies.



The Hidden Report. iii

The Hidden Report. iii