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How to Pay Your Vows

Let's ban the Muslims from entering the country because of terrorism, the Christians for the Crusades and megachurches, the atheists for Richard Dawkins, Al Gore for the internet, the feminists for stealin' R voting rights, the dogs for not being cats, the animals for not being other animals, the animals for not being humans, and the humans for being like animals freaky Achilles' style or pillar-of-salt-like (indulge your eyes with the sight of the guilty), ya feel me?‪#‎dehumanizationisreprobation‬ The community of the living pray to their gods, not to ask for the forgiveness of indulging their animalistic fear of dying (to push away all Other as a potential threat to their cozy nesting), but to thank their gods that they are not like other men--swindlers, adulterers, tax collectors (i.e. those just like us, but in the wrong place at the wrong time). Words have not lost "their value" just because the marketplace has gotten larger and more cacophonous. Words ought to be few when we are paying our vows to God in the temple. The temple is now the entire world and God still hears our words whether there are a billion of us or just one. We have been given a metric for the value of words and how we ought to weigh them economically. The value of our words is weighed by what we are fearing when we pay our vows to God. Are we fearing the most urgent, pressing realities? Are we fearful of humanity? If we fear humanity, we despise the Other and therefore despise ourselves. Paying your vows with urgency does not mean that you have logorrhea: paying only the urgent, most immediate and fearful vows is to be full of vain speaking. If this seems erudite, I only mean that prayer is not a means for us to indulge our beast-fears, but to control them and order ourselves towards the love of others. If it is our wealth and honor that is threatened at gunpoint, the greatest evil death represents is not the end of the wealth and honor, but the people like you who will pass into darkness before they had the gift to enjoy it. The wealth and honor of the dead will be given to the righteous to spread--not for the sake of the fruitless common good, but for the evident sign that the comfort we are desperately holding onto cannot be preserved by our *ears of deathness* in the house of laughter. The only value of the righteous spreading their wealth to others is the association of the righteous and their gift of pleasure. The house of mourning is the house where fear is pushed away by prayer and all men come together under the ecumenical banner of death. That includes Muslims and, I suppose, even Al Gore.

June 10th, 2016