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October 4th, 2016

I keep trying to convince myself that social media is worth my creative attention.  It's not.

I had an instagram, I planned for a twitter. And maybe I am sentencing myself to remain uncurrent, but there is something about the whole scene that puts me on edge. I can't help but see it as performance art and I hate performing. So, no thank you. I tried and it is not working for me in this time of life at least.

What I can and would like to do with the new power afforded me with a smartphone is this: record brief glimpses of my days for the sake of my future self and you. That is what blogging is about. And to vow to blogging as I have done is again perhaps a way of joining a sinking ship, but for the time being...

I like the experiment of writing a bit of casual prose like this on my phone. Maybe I will even experiment with dictation! And keep all the misheard words in there for your edification.

Anyway, I had my last final of the term today in language. Maybe this is me being reactionary, but I don't enjoy talking about school. There is no secret pleasure I get in academic conversation or comparison, the discussion of logistics and grades. That is intensely boring and only helps to show that I am in the trenches with other people. But that hardly needs to be confirmed by talking about what questions I did or did not get wrong. I consider it almost a vice of being a student to talk obsessively about being a student. Talk about other things, like what you had for breakfast.

And I had a breakfast scramble from the Co-Op. this is a vice of mine. I sleep in until the exact moment that it is most inconvenient. At night I plan to wake up early and get things done. Hah! A joke. And I don't even know what this word means, but it is a ribald joke let's say.

Anyway, I also got coffee and I was betting that getting a coffee and a bit of the scramble would be under five bucks so that's all I brought. And it was exactly not five dollars; lo, it was 5.40. 

The lady at the cash register uses forty cents of her own money to bail me out.

What a fool I was! 

Here I am experimenting with dictation

A New Dialog on Video Games by Caleb Joseph Warner

A New Dialog on Video Games by Caleb Joseph Warner