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Is it Reasonable to Pity Demons?

Is it Reasonable to Pity Demons?


I believe that Jesus is Lord of all things.

I believe that the two greatest anxieties are that I have never seen anything in which I believe and that Hell exists. I interact with a material world which, if I squint and don’t consider what questions arise naturally when I inspect the world, I could imagine as purely material. This anxiety is the result of me not having ever perceived the invisible with my senses. But I believe that this is the greatest mystery: that we crave to see what exists beyond the senses—and that God gave this evidence to us. Beyond Jesus, though, I believe we know about God and the invisible world because the world that we perceive with our senses reveals what is unseen and that those who believe in God have eyes to see his sustaining power.

The second anxiety is a direct result from my belief in God and that those who seem like me do not know this God and that there is an eternal place we all must go. I believe that Hell seems enormously unfair for those who never had their options clearly laid out for them. I believe that this anxiety is the result of my failure to understand and trust God. For not only am I not in a position to judge what is just without appealing to what God deems just, I also have had my conceptions of heaven and hell marred by a cultural imagination that is beyond the Bible. I also believe that because God is merciful, he has sent me to these people who I claim to care for from a distance. And also Jesus’ sacrifice was so great that it could cover the entire world and God in his mercy has plucked us all up out of ignorance despite all our doubtful instincts that, in the presence of belief, are transformed into these anxieties which I relate to you now. And being transformed into anxieties, we offer them up to God as sacrifices in prayer. By doing so, we daily put them off.

I believe that our reason is a faculty which allows us to understand what we believe. I understand that God gave us the example of the devils who live in hell to show us what the nature of the punishment is. For when a man looks upon the sorry condition of man and says how unfair it is for any man to be sent to hell, he must then consider the devils who do not even get the opportunity of repentance. For the devils continue to exist without the free will to choose God and having given into their nature as broken vessels, they might crave repentance but never live in it. And having never had the option of repentance opened up to them, the devils are of all creatures most to be pitied, for the way of mercy is barred for them. And if man is in a position to pity the devils, then he knows that to pity man—who has the free option to choose repentance—is an even greater folly than pitying demons. For what man is reasonable that pities demons?

I believe that the self is defined as a creature only in relation to whom it loves.

I believe that the epistemological foundation for our interaction with the world is love of God.

I believe that the pursuit for certainty based on reason is insanity and is a test of skepticism taken literally. I believe that Descartes is misunderstood and, unfortunately, contributed to this meltdown of understanding.

I believe that God gave us memory to show that he has held us through moving time.

I believe that God gave us death so that what is perishable might become imperishable and that what is natural can become incorruptible.

I believe that God gave us the instinct to invent, so that we might empathize with him when he first created the world.

I believe that the contemporary world is in a terrible state of affairs, that the human soul has never been so widely misunderstood, and that although we are far into history, we act and think as if we are merely ghosts with appetites.

I believe that the problem of evil is answered by Jesus’ sacrifice.

I believe that the greatest evil is that an individual would reject the Holy Spirit and imagine that he understands what he is ignorant about.

I believe that the greatest evil is that an individual is aware he will die and is unaware why he is living.

I believe that the greatest evil is to love what is perishable as if it will never perish, because he who accepts what is before his eyes only as what defines the horizon of his world is the man who has limited the entire world to what his own mind can grasp. I believe this is a fundamental denial of other. And I believe that this is insane, because the world is defined as what is outside us.

I believe that people die of sickness and disease, because humans have rebelled from God. I believe that when we ask God how he could let someone die early, what we rather ought to ask is why we are still surprised when perishable creatures perish.

I believe that the Scripture is an enormous mystery that is full of riches for life in the midst of days.

I believe that the church is made up of those individuals who are saved and who you must relate to within a proximity and that globally it is those who believe that Jesus is Lord over everything and they are dependent on God for understanding and living in this world.

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