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sometimes, the ugly is beautiful

sometimes, the ugly is beautiful


I have a hard time seeing how various schools of thought are little more than various personalities drawn to a set of opinions based on personal taste.

Personal taste is the sense of how the parts fit into a whole. The parts fit into a whole sometimes better or worse (this is the assumption). This means that there is a spectrum of quality in a system that requires a value based on an ultimate "best" option that stands outside the personal taste of a system's inventor. Some people disagree with this: “You don’t need an ultimate scale to know value when you see it!”

Therefore, there is a "best" option somewhere out there and that personal taste has everything to do with whether something is true or not. The "best" option can only be best discerned by someone with very good taste, which means that some personalities are better at seeing the world than others according to the aesthetic sense native to them.

The classes of the world, while ultimately moral (how much does a person live with divine love?), can also be divided according to how well someone has disciplined their personality to the end of loving the beautiful.

I suppose this means that some people have to work along with their personalities and others against them, and that the personalities native to someone aren't neutral in the pursuit of truth. Your "relative" personality has everything to do with discovering "objective" truth and it's only the person that assumes all humans are basically equal in their capabilities at the start (i.e. they assume everyone is like them) who cannot learn to teach people how to love the beautiful.

This is another way of saying that it is very important to know yourself and to know that others see you staggering along.

It is very important to know yourself is, so that you can discover whether or not you love what is ugly.

And when someone comes along and tells you that you love the ugly, you are then free to ask what it would mean for it to be beautiful. When you ask how the ugly can be made beautiful, you are asking how you can see the world more clearly. Your picture is broken and you acknowledge that there is some better picture to be had.

Sometimes, the ugly is beautiful.

The purpose of knowing that all schools of thought are little more than clusters of personalities is to stop liking what is ugly, or to fit the ugly into the right places within the whole.

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