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On Ignoring

On Ignoring

The greatest power you have is your ability to ignore. There is a great red button you can press. Under the button is the word ignore. 

What are you supposed to ignore? 

I spent years skimming the internet for information to titillate my burgeoning curiosity about all things. It was a form of wasting my life. Now when I go on the internet, and maybe this is something I need to work on, I feel claustrophobic and afraid. What am I afraid of? I am afraid of how easy it is to waste away the days, because they are evil. 

You need to learn how to ignore, obviously and most especially, yourself. This is not to nix self-knowledge, but to re-establish the foundation of self-knowledge. The foundation of self-knowledge is the ability to confess your sins. You cannot confess your sins if your identity is not rooted in Jesus and the desire for the peace he provides. He provides peace by cleansing you of your sins and what we in this day and age call noise. You might be able to easily define this noise for yourself. The point is that self-knowledge comes from confession of sin and nowhere else.

Ignore that part of you that wants to make yourself something. Ignore that part that wants to establish a name for yourself.

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Plenty of people will tell you what you are or could become and often it involves their concept of what it means to work hard and their idea about who you are. Their idea of hard labor for you would be to you a heavy yoke you cannot survive under. It does not fit on your neck. They are probably reading themselves into you and telling you about their own sense of failures they have not been cleansed of. 

Don't be afraid to let dreams die.

This involves ignoring the insane false hopes you place on your daydreams and fantasies about what could be. Ignore these phantoms. In hell, there is a bolge designated for those who chase after what is not there. When you get antsy about your life position as a result of your fear for seeming insufficient, you are no better than these people and the phantoms they are chasing right now. Where does that leave visionaries? It leaves them with a lot of work to do. 

I know many people crippled with self-doubt. I think most of them have not given themselves the license to pursue what they love. No one else can give them this license but themselves. In fact, it’s often others who inadvertently rob the individual of this license to pursue their loves. We are all weighed and found wanting not according to our own talents, but according to the talents others have claimed for us.

Compliments are a key to an empty room. Sometimes people are so enamored with compliments, they never get to discover that the room is empty. No one knows the talents we have until we start ignoring the noise surrounding them and begin our work.

What is our work?

Our work is what we do when we have weaned ourselves off all that noise surrounding who we think we are and what others say we are. Often these others are the imagined masses and often we waste our time trying to pick ourselves out of this mass like Where’s Waldo

What does it mean to ignore, really? For you or me, in this context of the internet and the noise of the world and your self-doubt and your desire to be constantly mobile and your name and your interests? 

When I say that you need to learn how to ignore, what I am saying is that you need to reclaim solitude. You need solitude in your life. You need to learn how to love being alone without going insane or mad with envy.

If you do not know how to be alone, you will never know how to ignore the right things. If you do not know how to ignore the right things, you will be tempted to overlook what you already have. Often what you already have is sufficient for you to be a fruitful individual.

A fruitful individual is someone who works hard for other people.

You need to learn how to be alone in order to get more work done for other people. At the center of the fruitful individual is a clean well, a soul cleansed of every foul thing, especially the foul thing we in this day and age call noise.

You know what noise is. It’s what keeps you from working hard at what you love.

This is not about you. This is about redeeming the world. 

Do not look down on someone because of their age.

Do not look down on someone because of their age.