Fiction You Can Wear — An All Is Vanity Press Podcast

The primary host is Caleb Joseph Warner and the primary topic is the process of writing fiction. Topical episodes with guests can happen. It can also happen that the podcast functions as an alternative to writing a personal essay. Yet the main concern here is blabbing about stories during their becoming. We’d like to point out that this focus is quite distinct from talking about “writing life” worries and writerly abstractions. Very few writing books/podcasts actually walk through the process of ideas becoming finished stories. This podcast will walk you through that process. Just pardon the personal detours.

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Episode 1: Fiction, Metaphysics, and Lore (June 6, 2018)

Today, we justify the ways of Caleb Joseph Warner to men.


Episode 2: Who is the Accountant of Your Soul? (March 17, 2019)

You’re down in the dumps, you’re a prisoner inside a giant spider. Get out of there, Aster, get out!